January is a Great Time to Set Health Goals

Are you looking for ways to be healthier in the new year? Now is the perfect time to reset. Healthy habits for 2023 don’t just include what you eat and how active you are, they help your overall health. You’re not alone! At CHCW, our various departments can help you with almost every aspect of your health, from young children to seniors.

6 Easy Ways to Be Healthier This Year

Incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine doesn’t always have to be complicated or be a massive life change. There are many easy healthy changes that you can implement into your day-to-day life. Below are six easy ways to become healthier overall this year.


Lower your screen time and blue light

Although the use of screens continues to be more necessary, our screen time shouldn’t increase too much. Too much screen time can cause certain eye, head, and emotional conditions, like cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, poor sleep, and mood disorders. To avoid this, be more intentional with your screen time, and wear glasses that block blue light.


Spend more time outside

This is something we can almost always do more of. Intentionally spending even a few more minutes outside every day, and being more active have direct benefits for your mood, immune system, heart health, and more. If you have family, be sure to include them. There are many outdoor activities for families for every season.


Stay up to date on all of your appointments

When was the last time you saw all of your doctors? Make sure that you see your primary care, and get your teeth and eyes checked so you don’t miss any important developments.


Stay hydrated

There’s a reason that the human body is more than 50% water. It helps our body complete important functions like regulating body temperature, keeping our joints lubricated, preventing infections, and delivering nutrients to our cells. It is recommended that we consume 11 cups of water a day. It can come from not only water and hydrating beverages, however, it can also come from some foods like cucumbers, lettuce, celery, and tomatoes


Follow up on any important testing

Did your doctor recommend you get further testing for something they saw last year? If you haven’t scheduled any necessary blood or imaging testing yet, make sure you do in the new year so you can stay on top of your health.


See that specialist you’ve been meaning to

Have you been noticing acute pain somewhere in your body? Has something like a mole or a rash popped up on your skin? Take the initiative now to ask your primary care provider for a referral to that specialist you’ve been meaning to see.