Name: Arissa Walberg         

Degree: PhD Counseling Psychology

Title: NPTC-Cascades Site Training Director, Faculty, Behavioral Health Consultant

Where did you complete internship? Nebraska Consortium for Professional Psychology – University of Nebraska Munroe Meyer Institute and Creighton Medical School

Where did you complete post-doc training? Multnomah County School-Based Health Centers

Orientation: ACT, CBT

What draws you to primary care? Providing access to quality, whole-person healthcare

What keeps you at CHCW? The organization truly embodies its mission of service and education and I get to work with a fantastic team of people in providing both that service and education.

What do you like about the Yakima area? Access to mountains, wineries, and great seasonal produce.

What do you do for fun? Traveling – both local and long-distance; cooking and eating good food; art and music.

Research interest: CBH, integration of BH into medical centers, and medical trainee education.

Last three articles/book chapters?

 Fitch-Martin, A. & Menger, L., Loomis, A., Hartsough, L., & Henry, K. (2018). Sun protection: Adolescents’ knowledge, attitude and behaviors. Journal of Primary Prevention, (4)39, 371-386. doi: 10.1007/s10935-018-0515-x

 Ogbeide, S. & Fitch-Martin, A. (2016). Cancer Pain Management: Implications for Psychologists. Psychosocial Oncology, 5(1).

 Steger, M. F., Fitch-Martin, A., Donnelly, J., & Rickard, K. M. (2014). Meaning in life and health: Proactive health orientation links meaning in life to health variables among American undergraduates. Journal of Happiness Studies. Published online: May 1, 2014.

 Last three presentations?

Walberg, A. & Olmer, R. (2018, Oct). Developing the PCBH workforce: Creation and implementation of a live-observation tool to assess BHC competencies. Presentation at the Collaborative Family Health Association Annual Conference in Rochester, NY.

 Walberg, A., Beachy, B., Ogbeide, S., & Lancaster, R. (2018, Oct). You are NOT fired: optimizing the PCBH model for difficult patient encounters. Presentation at the Collaborative Family Health Association Annual Conference in Rochester, NY.

 Fitch-Martin, A., Case, K. (2016, June). Co-located mental health is not enough: The what, why, and how of school-based integrated healthcare. Workshop presented at the National School-Based Health Care Convention in Arlington, VA.