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Therapeutic  Soundtracks

These Therapeutic  soundtracks were created by Anh Bui, MD who is on the Blue Team at the Yakima Clinic.

Visit her bio to learn more.

It is recommended that you find a relaxing area,                              put on headphones, close your eyes and follow the guide throughout the audio. 

Do not listen to these tracks while driving!

Demonstration of Initial BHC Visit:

Warm Hand Off For Type 1 Diabetes

By: David Bauman, PsyD

Demonstration of Initial BHC Visit:

Warm Hand Off Prior to Medical Visit For Headaches

By: Bridget Beachy, PsyD

Integrated Behavioral Health Psychology Training Programs

“Live Better” Health messages from the BHC Team

Building a relationship with your infant(s) and toddler(s)s.

Do what’s important to you!

Making time for your significant other

Tips For When Teens Act Out

Motivation – By Bridget Beachy, PsyD

Motivation By David Bauman, PsyD

Connect with your kiddo(s)

How to Improve your sleep

How to Identify Your Strengths 

Stop Procrastination And Take Action