Elizabeth Herres Miller, Chair

Earl Weatherman, Vice Chair

Retired – Credit Union Executive

Jim Boutillier, Vice Chair

Jake Jundt, Vice Chair

Doug Bault, Patient Position


Roger Bracchi, MD, Community Position

Heather Clerf, Patient Position

Mary Holmgren, RN, Patient Position

Registered Nurse

Maribel Torres Jimenez

Virginia Mason Memorial Board Representative

Kristin Larson, MD, Medical Position/Patient Position

Family Physician – Apple Valley Family Medicine

Rosemary Leiva Murphy, Patient Position

Retired – Spanish Language Educator

Melissa Lemp, DO

Medical Position

Trinidad Mendoza, Patient Position

Highland Patient Rep.

Noel Moxley, Hospital Representative

Astria Board Representative

Chris Waarvick, Community Person

Retired – City Government and Operations

Chuck (Charles) Goll, Patient Position

Ex-Officio Members

Paul Kaschmitter, CFO

Brigita Fody Landstrom, CQO

Millard McQuaid, COO

Mike Maples, MD, former CEO

Michael Schaffrinna, MD; CMO

Lisa Martin,  Executive Assistant