• State of the industry wages
  • Full spectrum of benefits available including Vacation, Paid Time Off




  • Personal growth due to interaction with skilled and motivated individuals
  • Positive environment created through mission driven team
  • Family atmosphere and a sense of camaraderie amongst employees
  • Well-defined internal culture and expectations:
    • Helpful co-workers
    • Encouraging environment from everyone
    • Accountable to our mission
    • Team oriented with people working together to be and do their best

Working Conditions

  • Varied and interesting environment
  • 6 clinics including dental- and pediatric-specific
  • 3 specialized programs
    • Integrated Behavioral Health
    • Senior and Residential Care
    • Senior Smiles
  • Internal variety of services

Medical Opportunities

  • PCMH Level 3 certification in all clinics
  • Residency within clinic operations
  • Psychology training department within clinic operation
  • Integrated Behavioral Health with BHCs working with Providers.


  • Just the right size
    • Big enough for variety of entertainment and shopping
    • Small enough to know your neighbors and have a sense of community
  • Excellent year-round weather with full 4 seasons
  • Recreational opportunities all within easy reach
  • Proximity (3 Hours from Seattle, Portland or Spokane)
  • Friendly, welcoming community