Behavioral Health Videos

Below you will find videos to help with different topics. All of these videos are absolutely free. If and when you would like to speak with someone, please call your primary doctor and tell them you’re interested in a Behavioral Health consultation.

What is Primary Care Behavioral Health?

Listen to one of our Behavioral Health Consultants, David Bauman explain how we integrate behavioral health with your primary care physician, and how you can access these services. 


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Listen to one of our Behavioral Health Fellows, Brittany Houston, as she explains how to identify your strengths, and why it’s important to do so!

Listen to one of our Behavioral Health Fellows, Brittany Houston, as she provides tips on how to get you to start taking action.

Listen to one of our Behavioral Health Coonsultants, Bridget Beachy, as she takes you through 5 steps to help manage/cope with stress during the holiday season.

This video created by David Bauman, explains what happens when our minds are stressed!

Listen to Bob’s journey with depression, and how he started with Integrated Behavioral Health

Listen to our popular series, Live Better, as our Behavioral Health Consultant David Bauman provides tips on how to improve your sleep.

Listen to David Bauman as he explains the importance of doing things for yourself. Judge yourself on what you do, not how you think or feel!

Listen to a very relatable story about Depression, Anxiety, and the Big Bad Wolf: The Story of Avoidance and The Three Little Pigs. 

Therapeautic Soundtracks

Our Therapeautic Soundtracks were created by Anh Bui, MD, one of our doctors at Central Washington Family Medicine in Yakima.

It is recommended that you find a relaxing area, put on headphones, close your eyes, and follow the guide throughout the audio. Do not listen to these tracks while driving!


Listen to one of our Behavioral Health Consultants, Bridget Beachy, as she explains what motivation can really mean.

Listen to one of our Behavioral Health Consultants, David Bauman, as he explains that motivation might not always come first!

What an Initial Visit with an Integrated Behavioral Health Consultant Looks Like

Our behavioral health consultants work with your primary care doctor. Take a look at our videos that show how an initial visit looks, as well as how to get started!

Behavioral Health and Your Body

Behavioral Health can take a toll on your physical body too. Take a look at these helpful videos from our Behavioral Health Consultants.

SMART Goals to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Hear on of our Behavioral Health Consultants, Bridget Beachy, provide practical tips for improving your blood pressure!

Relationship and Family Advice

Here are a couple of tips that you can take home today to help strengthen your relationship with your significant other.

Even though your infants and toddlers can’t remember their very early years, the first years are the most important years for a connection. Hear how you can bond with them!

Hear some tips from Bridget Beachy, one of our Behavioral Health Consultants, that may help when your teen is acting out.

There are three things you can do right now to start connecting with your children. Listen to them here!