Davis Health Clinic Videos

Informative videos to help you understand our clinic, and answer some questions you may have!

Learn about the Davis Medical Clinic Services

Learn from Dr. Laurel Gorham, Doctor of Nursing Practice, and our Behavioral Health Consultant, Amelia McClelland, M.Ed.  about the services Davis Health Clinic provides for teens.

Behavioral Health and Davis Health Clinic

Listen to our Behavioral Health Consultants William Summers, PsyD and Amelia McClelland, M.Ed., as they walk you through what a behavioral health visit might look like!

Q&A with Pirate Pete

Pirate Pete likes to ask questions about you! Stop by and see what he asks you today! Here are some examples with our providers.

Helpful Tips

Here are some mask wearing tips, and why it is important! We may or may not have used a little humor to make it more entertaining 😉

Tips for washing your hands, and why you should wash your hands more often!