I went to medical school at Temple University Lewis Katz Medical School/St Luke’s Hospital Bethlehem Clinical Campus. My medical interests are Behavioral Health, Underserved Medicine, Community Health, Adolescent Medicine, and Preventative Medicine. My philosophy of care is that I believe in compassionate, culturally competent whole person care. My goal is to understand my patients and their needs through a bio-psycho-social lens and engage them in the active management of their health. I celebrate small victories and finding creative and innovative solutions to everyday problems and concerns of my patients.


I grew up in Washington state. I love the area and it is close to family. CHCWFMR was a perfect fit and blend between my desire to be nearer to family and my passion for quality community medicine in underserved areas. I believe that practicing in Yakima will give me the vital and impactful experience and training I am seeking.


     My personal interests and hobbies are hiking and bicycling with my dog, singing, playing guitar, yoga, meditation, traveling, rock climbing, wine tasting, cooking and baking.