You Light My Fireignite

Thanks for a great kick-off for Ignite! 90% of you (252 employees) attended one of the Employee Forums on February 1 & 2.  If you’re among the other 29, you can expect an email soon instructing you on how to get credit for attendance by viewing a video of the presentation.

59 of the attendees took the time and effort to write a comment or question.  We will be working to respond to those starting very soon. What I can tell you from having read them all is that there is a great deal of anticipation for the change that the Ignite project promises.

Communication is among the things that you asked for more of.  I think that is best served frequently, clearly, and briefly. And in that spirit…will end here for now…and get back to you soon.  But remember, communication works both ways.  If you need information, reach out for it.

mike maples2

Mike Maples, CEO