Meet Melissa McCoy, MD

Family Medicine

Melissa’s History

Gillian Zuckerman - Family Medicine

Medical School: 

University of Minnesota Medical School

Philosophy of Care:

To advance health equity by compassionately and competently caring for individuals, families, and communities as an expert generalist in full-spectrum family medicine.

Medical Interest: 

Underserved community medicine, prenatal care and obstetrics, addiction medicine, social medicine

What drew you to CWFMR and/or Yakima? :

I’m in the Ellensburg rural program. I fell in love with the mountains here and wanted to have an escape on my days off to hike and enjoy nature.
strong OB, inpatient, and ambulatory medicine training in an unopposed community setting with faculty and staff who were incredibly welcoming from the very start.


Perfecting and sharing homebrew concoctions, growing my garden full of veggies, hops, and grapes, tending my jungle of houseplants, discovering hole-in-the wall eateries, and spoiling my very sassy, very fluffy cats Kismet and Karma.