Meet Michael Copty, MD

Family Medicine

Michael’s History

Kristina Bowen Updated

Medical School: 
Ross University School of Medicine

Philosophy of Care: 
I believe that understanding motivations of patients, allows physicians to individualize and tailor-make care, specific to each unique encounter. This in turn, leads to rapport building and mutual understanding. Which allows physicians, the ability to identify the multiple barriers involved with the patient, to reach their specific treatment goals. Ultimately, my focus is trying to educate preventable diseases to stop them from progressing lead to better community health in the long run.

What drew you to CWFMR and/or Yakima: 
I wanted to go to a place that would allow to to get the best generalist training, without sacrificing patient care, this is due to the residency being unopposed. CWFMR is the prefect mixed of rural and community based medicine with behavioral health to allow patients to have the resources to take charge of their health.

Medical Interests: 
Family Medicine, Acute Care, Rural medicine, Preventative, and Global Medicine

Personal Interest/Hobbies: 
Sports: soccer, basketball, football, racquetball, skiing, and Esports, Reading: light novels, science fiction, philosophy and psychology
Hobbies: DYI engineering projects, Rubik’s cube solving , Origami