Meet Our Interns

We recruit a diverse group of interns every year. Our self-directed learners bring a wide range of experience and interests to the predoctoral internship program, as well as divergent goals for future practice plans.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Interns will be exposed to any and all problems that fall into the health/mental health spectrum, from the straightforward to the very complex. There is no better place than a community health center to gain experience with a wide variety of patient health and wellness concerns!

BHCs also serve on the faculty of CWFM’s family medicine residency program. While a minor rotation within the internship, interested and competent interns may have the opportunity to work with family medicine residents and assist in implementing a robust psychosocial medicine curriculum.

We Learn From Our Interns

Listen to our Behavioral Health Director, David Bauman, PsyD., as he explains the importance of our interns at CHCW!

2023-2024 PBHC Interns

Read our intern bios to learn more about their educational background, philosophy of care, medical interests, and more!


Behavioral Health Intern

I aspire to be come be health service psychologist and behavioral health consultant working in family and community medicine settings.


Behavioral Health Intern

I aspire to help people with chronic medical conditions increase their autonomy and ability to manage their conditions and live a value-congruent life despite their potential restrictions or pain.


Behavioral Health Intern

I want to meet patients where they are at in life. Care only works when we actually understand what a patient is experiencing day to day.

Our Alumni

We adore our alumni network! We love that we continue to hear from our alumni, and hear that they communicate with each other. We look forward to our growing network, and adding to our map!