SR Care:

Who We are,          and what we do

By Katie Jacoby

Program Manager

The SR Care program is nearing it’s 6-year anniversary. The program started with our much beloved Dr. Paul Emmans, Dr. Maureen Watson, and the Connect program’s own Becky Starnes.

They provided primary care and medical director services to the 10 local skilled nursing facilities, serving over 600 post- acute and long-term care patients.


Over the past six years we have added our awesome site director Dr. Eric Chyn, Tawnya Tompkins A.R.N.P., April May A.R.N.P., Dr. Carlin Miller, and Dr. Ragina Lancaster


The quality of care that the patients experienced in those facilities by having providers see them onsite was immeasurable. It exemplified the need to expand services to other long-term care facilities.


Today we have expanded to provide primary care services at 12 local assisted livings and 11 adult family homes. Many thanks to Tawnya and April who are often found spreading their time to cover 3 buildings each day.


You may be wondering how we manage to coordinate services to all our patients in these 33 buildings? This is not an easy task, but both Kalee Lopez and Mela Guerrero manage to do this and more without missing a beat. I’m so grateful to have them!


In the future, we hope to incorporate much needed BHC services to our patients on site, in the facilities we serve!


Katie Jacoby

SR Care Program Manager