August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Why Focus on Eye Health?

August is dedicated to preventing eye injuries and vision loss and saving children’s eyesight. One of 20 children ages 3 to 5 has a vision problem that could result in permanent vision if left untreated.

Despite this unsettling statistics, 80 percent of preschoolers do not receive an eye screening. 

children eye health and safety side pic

What to Look For

About 80% of what children learn in school is taught visually, which means if a child has undetected and uncorrected vision problem, it will affect the child’s development and performances in school.

Some warning signs that your child may be experiences vision problems are:


Wandering or crossed eyes


A family history of childhood vision problems


Disinterest in reading or viewing distant objects


Squinting or closing one eye to read or watch TV


Frequent eye rubbing when trying to concentrate


Holding a book close or often sitting close to the TV

Why Your Child Needs an Eye Exam