About Medicare

Important information about Medicare

Patients with Medicare will need to decide if they would prefer to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, or stay in tradition Medicare.  (More information is available by calling Medicare at

1-800-633-4227, or on the web at http://www.medicare.gov/sign-up-change-plans/index.html


Does my doctor accept Medicare?

All Community Health of Central Washington doctors accept Medicare traditional, and Medicare Advantage plans from the following companies:


  • Group Health (including Options Clear Care Prestige)
  • Humana (including Columbia Community Care)
  • Regence (including all MedAdvantage plans)
  • United Health Care (including Secure Horizons and AARP plans)
  • Health Alliance


Are all of the Medicare Advantage plans alike?

Medicare establishes the benefit package, and all plans must offer at least that set of benefits.  Beyond that, the plans differ in many important ways, such as:

  • Additional benefits, including drug benefits (also called Medicare part D)
  • Price
  • Network of contracted hospitals and providers
    • It is important here to note that Humana is not contracted with Memorial and if you choose a Humana product your access to the following services will be impacted:
      • Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital
      • Cascade Surgical Partners
      • North Star Lodge Cancer Care Center
      • Yakima Heart Center @ Memorial
      • Water’s Edge Pain Relief
      • Cottage in the Meadow
      • ‘Ohana Mammography Center
      • Surgi-Center @ Memorial
      • Yakima Ear, Nose & Throat
      • Yakima Endocrinology Associates
      • Yakima Gastroenterology Associates
      • Lakeview Spine
      • Yakima Neurosurgery Associates
      • Yakima Vascular Associates
      • Memorial Home Health and Hospice

How do I get help?

Medicare’s Plan Finder is on the web at https://www.medicare.gov/find-a-plan/questions/home.aspx , or call Medicare at 1-800-633-4227.  Each plan has a web site and takes calls to answer questions.  Some Medicare Advantage plans are also sold by local insurance brokers.  Contact your insurance agent for further information.