Meet Our Leadership Group

Meet the people who are proudly leading Community Health of Central Washington, in our commitment to delivering high-quality health and wellness to the community. Our leaders strive for excellence, innovation, and accountability in all areas of care.

Collective Leadership Equals High Quality Care

Effective leadership by healthcare professionals is vital in modern healthcare settings. The major factor underpinning this is the drive to improve the quality of healthcare provision on a background of ever increasing healthcare demands and need for increased efficiency and productivity.

With collective leadership, everyone takes responsibility for ensuring the success of an organization, in contrast to placing the emphasis on a core group of leaders. With a leadership group like the one we have at Community Health of Central Washington, we are able to provide an environment where problems can be solved and high quality healthcare promoted.

Angela Gonzalez - CHCW Leadership

Angela Gonzalez, MHA

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Schaffrinna - CHCW Leadership

Gray Dawson, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Stephanie Macias - CHCW Leadership

Stephanie Macias, BSN, RN

Chief Quality Officer

Chris Reed - CHCW Leadership

Chris Reed, MBA

Chief Operations Officer

Desiree Ashbrooks - CHCW Leadership

Desiree Ashbrooks

Chief Financial Officer

dr peter asante

Caitlin Hill, MD

Program Director

Vanessa Krantz - CHCW Leadership

Vanessa Krantz, MBA

Chief Information Officer

Vanessa Krantz - CHCW Leadership

Bridget Beachy, PsyD

Director of Primary Care Behavioral Health

Julie Finley - CHCW Leadership

Julie Finley

Chief Experience Officer

Julie Finley - CHCW Leadership

Ashley Hohmann

Executive Assistant

Julie Finley - CHCW Leadership

Laura McClintock

Human Resources Director