Meet Andrés Calvillo, MD

Family Medicine

André’s History

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Medical School: University of California, San Francisco,  Santa Clara Valley Medical Center – Transitional Year Internship

Medical Experience: Since college at the University of California, Davis, I have served in student-run community clinics focusing efforts for underserved and under-resourced Hispanic populations and trained at safety net county hospitals serving vulnerable populations. Many of these experiences include serving monolingual, Spanish-speaking patients as well as other monolingual, non-English speaking patients, often with limited education. I have served within hospitals as a health coach providing patients with education about their new and chronic medical conditions and have loved volunteering at community health fairs performing health screenings and administering flu shots.

Philosophy of Care: I strive to care for my patients as I would want someone to care for my dearest loved ones in their most vulnerable moments. People need to feel heard, respected, supported, and valued as human beings and treated as the primary stakeholders in their own care. It is my goal to empower my patients and to take into consideration all aspects of their life that have shaped them into who they are in the present moment. I believe being resourceful is an essential quality of a family medicine physician so learning to fully address any problem and knowing when to expand a patient’s care team to include specialty providers and other community resources is something I will always work on.

Medical Interests: Practicing full spectrum family medicine in Spanish, health equity, serving underserved communities, point of care ultrasound (POCUS), preventative medicine, lifestyle medicine

Hobbies: I love exploring new places to eat with friends, walking around in stores/malls, watching a wide range of YouTube videos (and frequently crying tears of joy for others), attempting to cook/bake anything that sounds/looks good, playing music, and trying to stay active by weight training at the gym and biking along rivers.

What drew you to CWFMR and/or Yakima? Having been born and raised in the Central Valley of California, Yakima immediately felt like a home away from home. My family emigrated from Mexico and I have grown to highly value language- and cultural-concordant care as multiple family members have needed to navigate the healthcare system as immigrant, monolingual Spanish-speaking individuals. The underserved, community clinics in which I have previously served throughout college and medical school have provided me a sense of fulfillment and joy knowing that I am applying everything I have learned intertwined with my cultural background to patients who need equitable health care. This passion is something I felt I could easily continue at CWFMR, a program that serves the predominately Hispanic population of Yakima. The support that radiates from faculty and staff is beyond compare, and the motivation I feel in this setting continues to grow.

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