April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Raising Distracted Driving Awareness Will Save Lives; Especially Among Teen Drivers.

Let’s make Distracted Driving Awareness Month a time to focus on just how dangerous and deadly distracted driving has become.

Distracted Driving Stats


There were 4,637 deaths from distracted driving in 2018

That’s almost 13 people a day


An estimated 391,000 drivers were injured in distracted driving crashes in 2017

That’s more than 1,000 people a day


In 2017, nearly 40 percent of high school students admitted to distracted driving.

Drive Responsibily

Let’s take this time to think about the choices we make when we’re on the road. Here are some safety tips for a safe ride.


Absolutely need to send a text? Pull over and park your car in a safe location first. No text is more important than your life, and just a split second can change your life. 

Designated Texter

You can also designate your passenger as a designated texter. They can respond to messages, texts, and emails. 

Other Distractions

Distracted Driving isn’t just texting. Pull over and park your car for any time of messages including social media and emails. 

Struggling to not text and drive? Put your cell phone out of reach before you start driving. 

Top 6 Distractions While Driving


Lost in Thought


Cell Phones


Looking at Something Outside the Car


Someone in the Car


Using a Device in the Car, Other than a Phone


Eating or Drinking