woodsName: Ashley Woods

Degree: M.S. Clinical Psychology

Title: Predoctoral Intern

Where did you complete internship? Community Health of Central Washington (currently)

Orientation: Psychodynamic with an emphasis on mindfulness and interpersonal functioning

What draws you to primary care? Practicing population based health care as it values a systems approach to promoting health and wellness of individuals and the community as a whole.

What keeps you at CHCW? CHCW provides a rich learning experience and the faculty/supervisors are very supportive.

What do you like about the Yakima area? It is a culturally diverse community with many opportunities to learn about cultures other than ones own.  It is sunny nearly everyday during the summer months; and local wines and fresh fruits are always readily available.

What do you do for fun? Attend local community events, try new restaurants/foods, go camping, and travel.

Research interest: My research specialty includes the qualitative study of historical trauma and other issues related to the well-being of indigenous people.