Meet Caroline Farmer, MD

Family Medicine

Caroline’s History

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Education: University of Rochester SOMD

Experience: Before medical school I worked as a tech in an acute psychiatric stabilization hospital as well as at a juvenile detention center. This furthered my established interest in the vast number of factors that influence how humans interact with each other and take care of ourselves. I love family medicine because of the perspective of considering biological, psychological and social influences on our health when collaborating with someone to identify the next steps forward to reach their goals.

Hobbies: Outdoors (rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, camping, mountains, botany, conservation), Reading (attempted mix of non-fiction and fiction, but it depends on the ambient stress level), Practicing and Improving Conflict Resolution/Communication/De-Escalation Skills, Mindfulness, Building Supportive/Emotionally communities/teams (especially a la Brene Brown), Ethics/What questions to ask/Having difficult conversations, Wood Carving, Plant Cultivation (indoor and outdoor), DND

Why do you want to work for CHCW? My experience so far has been a group of thoughtful, caring people committed to community in many, extremely palpable ways including: real integration of behavioral health in primary care, established structures to engage with folks who don’t spend most of their time in the hospital, a sense of family within teams, and a real mission to complexly consider the needs of people who are not often supported in our society. I want to be a part of and learn from that.

I aspire to..
Be a part of cultivating communities that both want to and know how to care for each other.

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