Mike Maples, CEO

Your Feedback Gets Results

In recent months almost all of our employees have contributed to the answer to this important question:  What would make CHCW a better place to work?  You completed surveys, sent suggestions, and attended focus group meetings.  I want to be sure that you know that you were heard and that we are responding, and will be providing updates on your suggestions throughout the year.



A lack of clear expectations and feedback were among the things heard most loudly from you. For example:

·  “My job expectations aren’t clear.”

·  “I don’t have a job description.”

·  “I’ve been here seven years and have never had an evaluation”


These are important gaps, and we are implementing a number of changes to remedy the deficits:


Job Descriptions:

CHCW has engaged a consultant (Diana Welch) and purchased an application to help us assure that all staff members have current, complete and accurate job descriptions.  A template has been developed.  By the end of December, each of the 50+ Leaders at CHCW will have met with our consultant to perfect job descriptions for their workers. You will be asked to review these for accuracy and approval soon.



CHCW has purchased the assessment module that is a part of our HR software: Ulti-Pro.  The new job descriptions will feed into the assessment module to help Leaders produce timely and meaningful evaluations for all employees at least annually.  In addition to linkage to your specific duties, the evaluation will continue to assess your cultural competency as defined through the HEAT project.


Objective Feedback:

Your Leader will also be bringing performance data to the evaluation.  Each Leader now has objective, measurable goals, aligned with CHCW’s goals, and reported in the Leader Evaluation Manager (LEM). Your leader can only achieve their goals with your aligned efforts.


Continuing Education:

Clear job expectations and meaningful feedback will help you identify where you may need additional education, training and skills.  Your Leader will be asking about those things monthly when they do Rounding with you.  That’s your opportunity plan together to improve your ability to do your job.


We need to achieve all of these things to respond to an important issue you raised: Fairness.  If you’re working hard and doing your job well, that should be appreciated and rewarded.  When co-workers underperform but get the same reward, that doesn’t feel fair.  You have asked for a merit-based system and we hear you.  First things first…