Name: David Bauman

Degree: Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD), Clinical Psychology, Concentration in Primary Care Psychology

Title: Behavioral Health Education Director, Core Faculty, Regional Training Director for NPTC – Cascades Region

Where did you complete internship? HealthPoint Community Health Center, Federal Way, WA

Where did you complete post-doc training? Central Washington Family Medicine, Yakima, WA

Orientation: Contextual behavioral approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Focused ACT

What draws you to primary care? To meet people where they are and provide behavioral health services to patients that would never seek care in a traditional setting

What keeps you at CHCW? The mission of providing holistic care to an underserved population, as well as the mission to prepare future medical and behavior health providers in integrated, team based care

What do you like about the Yakima area? The WEATHER! Coming from Pittsburgh, I never realized what having 300 days of sunshine can do for someone; it is healing!

What do you do for fun? Watch and play sports. Follow my UAlbany Great Danes in football and basketball.  Spending time with my family, particularly my three nephews and two nieces. And, embarrassingly, I love my work and fun usually means working on PCBH or ACT related things!

Research interest: Primary Care Behavioral Health influence on primary care systems; Evaluation of family medicine residencies psychosocial medicine skills; Applying contextual approaches in brief formats within primary care

Last three articles/book chapters?

Strosahl, K., Bauman, D., & Beachy, B. (in press). Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with challing, high risk patients. In P. Lucena-Santos, S.A. Carvalho, J. Pinto-Gouveia, M.S. Oliveira, & J. Pistorello (Eds.). Manual prático internacional de Terapia de Aceitação e Compromisso [International Practical Handbook of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy]. Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil: Sinopsys.

Martin, M., Bauman, D., Allison, L., & Myerholtz, L (in press). Integration as Both Standard of Care and Standard of Training. Family Medicine.

Martin, M., Allison, L., Banks, E., Bauman, D., Harsh, J., Hewitt, A., Myerholtz, L., Zubatsky, M., & Mauksch, L. (2019). Essential skills for family medicine residents practicing integrated behavioral health: A Delphi study. Family Medicine.

 Last three presentations?

Bauman, D., Beachy, B., Lopez, G. (2019, June). Context clues: Motivating your patients for behavior change.   Presentation at the 106th Annual Northwest Osteopathic Convention. Blaine, WA.

Beachy, B. & Bauman, D. (2019, June). It’s okay to “go there:” Integrating ACEs & trauma informed care into your practice.  Presentation at the 106th Annual Northwest Osteopathic Convention. Blaine, WA.

Bauman, D., Beachy, B.  (2019, June). Building your behavioral tool box: Working with anxiety in medical clinics.   Presentation at the 106th Annual Northwest Osteopathic Convention. Blaine, WA.