Danielle Correia MD

Residency – University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital MD
Doctorate – University of Arizona College of Medicine
Masters – Master in Public Health in Chronic Disease Epidemiology Yale University
BA in Psychology (with minors in French and Chemistry) at University of Arizona
“Immigrating to the United States from Brazil and growing up just north of the Mexico-Arizona border provided my first experiences with healthcare and insights into health disparity. During residency, I gained experience as a physician in various settings at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital, in the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units at the University of Washington Hospital & Harborview Hospital. My outpatient experience was in a community health center in Seattle and in Bellingham. My research experience was pediatric community-based obesity prevention. I love working and volunteering in camps for children with medical illnesses.”
“I love spending time in the sunshine through all types of outdoor adventures (especially hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and kayaking). I also enjoy dancing, yoga, seeing movies and shows, and learning about new cultures through travel.
When Dr. Correia was asked “Why do you want to work for CHCW?” she replied, “I am passionate about pediatric health at all ages, especially adolescent health, immigrant rights advocacy, and community health. I am excited for the opportunity to join CHCW as part of the Yakima Pediatrics team and to work together to provide patient and family-centered care for all children and teens!”