7 Oral Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Holiday Season

Why does our dental hygiene routine change during the holidays?

During the holiday season, most people’s eating habits change. This season is filled with plenty of sweet treats: candy on Halloween, pies on Thanksgiving,  cookies during Christmas, and wine on New Years. What we put in our body, through our mouths, affects our dental health.

7 Tips for Your Holiday Oral Hygiene

On top of the increase in sweet treats around for consumption during the holidays, it is also easy to interrupt your dental hygiene routine. With potentially late nights at family parties or mornings rushing off the events, you could miss your nightly tooth brushing routine. If you have a cleaning scheduled, you may need to reschedule with the business of the season. Poor dental hygiene may lead to difficulty when chewing, thus poor food digestion. Dental problems can cause damage to the permanent teeth too. 

Follow the steps below to make sure the health of your teeth doesn’t fall behind this holiday season:


1. Drink plenty of water

Hydration is important for overall health, which affects oral health. Drinking water can make sure residue from sugary treats is washed away. Make sure that you drink water with fluoride in it to keep your teeth strong and healthy.


2. Brush and floss even more

Protecting your teeth doesn’t mean that you can’t have any sweet holiday treats – they’re one of the best parts of the season. Just brush and floss more during this season, especially before and after snacking.


3. Stock up on veggies

When you’re not eating holiday treats, pack your meals with nutrient-dense foods to offset any potential damage.


4. Drink light or clear beverages

If you’re interested in having whitened and bright teeth, the last thing you want to do is wake up on New Year’s morning and wonder why your formerly white teeth now appear discovered. Red wine is a potent tooth-stainer, so try a white instead.


5. Make sure you’re up to date with your cleanings and appointments

If you know your holiday season is busy, schedule a dental cleaning with us before the thick of the season hits.


6. Monitor your sugar intake

Everything is great in moderation, but monitor the number of treats you’re eating at family gatherings, as too much sugar can affect your oral health.


7. Don't ignore underlying issues

Have you been experiencing tooth pain? Don’t wait until it gets worse! If you’re planning on a busy holiday season, see your dentist about the pain proactively so it doesn’t interrupt your fun. 


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