Make the Most of Your Dentist Appointments

A lot of people get nervous or scared about seeing their dentist. We understand and are sensitive to patients’ concerns, and want to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible. Next time you need a dental appointment, try one or more of these tips for making your experience a positive one.

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Here are 6 Tips to Help Make the Most of Your Dental Visits.

Everyone should be able to access good quality dental services, and get the most out of every visit to your dentist.

During a check-up, your dental hygienist and dentist assess the overall health of your mouth and gums. Most dentists want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible, and it’s important to tell your dentist any problems you have had with your teeth and mouth since your last visit!

Let your dentist know if you have been experiencing any pain or sensations.

X-rays and dental screenings only show the areas of the mouth that need treatment, they do not always alert the dentist of any pains or sensations you may be feeling. Speak up so you can get the treatment you need!

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Don't assume you can't afford treatment.

When household budgets are strained, some people put off dental visits. That can lead to problems that are far more expensive than preventive care. If you are having trouble paying for dental care, talk to your dentist about low-cost options or extended payment plans.

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Speak up if you experience any pain.

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Don’t be too shy or afraid to say something if you begin feeling pain at any point in the procedure. There are many comfort items and sedation options we can use to help you!

Make a Checklist of Questions or Concerns

Not only should you let your dentist know if you have been experiencing any pain or sensations, but you should also let them know if you experience any bleeding when you brush, if you have any sores in your mouth, any problems brushing or flossing, clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, or any other concerns or questions you may have!

Find out what you can do better!

The field of dental health is constantly changing. New products continue to come along that make oral hygiene easier and more effective. New research provides insights into the best ways to keep teeth and gums healthy. Ask your dentist about anything you should be doing to improve your oral health.

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Wear comfortable clothing, listen to music, and/or bring a stressball, whatever helps comfort and relax you! Remember you can always talk to your dentist about sedation options, or comfort items they have at the office!

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