Meet Emilio Zalzman Leon, MA

PCBH Intern

Emilo’s History

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2 years in Santa Monica Community College, 2 years in Skidmore College and 4 years (so far) in Pacific University’s PsyD program.


Used to work as an ABA interventionist in LA for 2 years and then my Doctoral practica have included integrated care in student health centers, Community mental health and inpatient residential programs.


Magic the Gathering, Guitar, Videogames, Watching anime and reading Manga.

Why do you want to work for CHCW?

I feel like CHCW’s approach to working with the community mirrors a lot of what I want to be able to do in the future, and I hope to learn from everyone how to best apply community care with the care of the individual.

I aspire to..

Continue to grow and learn amongst peers that challenge and support me.

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