FLU-FIT and FLU-FOBT Programs help clinical teams increase access to colorectal cancer screening by offering home tests to patients at the time of their annual flu shots.


We are offering:

  • Flu shots for all ages
  • FIT Kits to prevent colon cancer for adults 50-75

We will offer simple prevention for flu and colon cancer this year.

Colorectal Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Most of these deaths could be prevented with routine screening. The least invasive, least expensive form of screening involves an annual home stool tests, also known as fecal occult blood tests (FOBT) or fecal immunochemical tests (FIT). If done yearly and with good follow-up, FIT or FOBT can prevent colorectal cancer or catch it early when it can be cured. Colorectal cancer screening programs that emphasize the use of FIT and FOBT as initial screening tests can be similarly effective to programs that emphasize more invasive tests, such as colonoscopy.

Click on this link to learn more about the FLU-FIT program.