Get to know our Featured Providers

David Bauman, PsyD


Medical Interests:

 Integration of behavioral health into primary care and family medicine clinics.

  • Applying contextual behavioral approaches to chronic conditions routinely seen in primary care
  • Training residents in psychosocial medicine and practical contextual approaches
  • Completing practice-based research to improve the evidence base for community medicine
  • Advocating for family medicine and the primary care behavioral health model




James Denisar-Green, MD

Experience: Family Medicine Residency, Rural Graduate —University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine                                                                       

When Dr. Denisar-Green was asked “Why do you want to work for CHCW?” he replied, “Being a part of an organization that shares my values for full-service, multi-disciplinary health care to all patients regardless of demographic or social status.”


Maria Verduzco, MD

Medical School:

University of Washington School of Medicine

Philosophy of Care:

Bridging the gap between underserved monolingual Spanish patients and their providers to ultimately lead to healthier families.




Courtney Shockley, MD

Experience: Dr. Shockley worked 1 year in Pediatric Urgent Care at Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma Emergency Department. She also worked 3.5 years at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic in Wapato, WA, taking calls at Toppenish Hospital for newborns and pediatric admissions.

What keeps you at CHCW? “I love to work with families as a whole, that means integrating behavioral health and social assistance with traditional medicine. I also love to teach!”                               

Micahlyn Powers, MD

Philosophy of Care: To provide comprehensive care for the whole family, from birth to death! My goal is to provide compassionate care and I believe all people should have access to affordable healthcare.                                                                               

Medical Interests:  Taking care of families! I also enjoy providing women’s healthcare, including prenatal care, as well as promoting family planning including birth control and vasectomy.


Bridget Beachy, PsyD, Director of Behavioral Health 

What drew you to Primary Care: Fast-paced, team-oriented atmosphere; Increased access for patients

What keeps you at CHCW? CHCW’s innovative spirit and dedication to bringing patients the very best healthcare possible                                                             

Research Interest: Assessing the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model; effectiveness of brief interventions


Ruth Olmer, PsyD, LMFT

What drew you to Primary Care: The fast pace and variety of work. I have my regular clinic duties, which are varied in terms of presenting problems, population, individual, group, testing, etc. Then there are the extras that I can tailor to my interests, such as supervising interns, developing employee wellness events, etc.                                                                                   

Research Interest:  Neuropsychological assessment with diverse populations and wellness initiatives in combating employee burnout and turn-over


Arissa Walberg, PhD, MS

Philosophy of Care:  I partner with patients to help identify the biological, psychological and social issues that are negatively impacting their health. I then provide practical, hands-on ways to improve patient health and quality of life.                                          Medical Interests:  Integrating behavioral health into medical settings. Training current and future medical and behavioral health providers in integrated behavioral health Stress