Meet Gillian Zuckerman, MD

Family Medicine

Gillian’s History

Gillian Zuckerman - Family Medicine

University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA
Sutter Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency, Santa Rosa, CA
Family Medicine Residency Spokane FMOB Fellowship, Spokane, WA

I aspire to…
Find, foster, and propagate the humanity of medicine

Why do you want to work for CWFMR?
I am so excited to be joining CHCW and CWFMR. My family and I are charmed by the beauty of Yakima Valley! I am excited to be returning to an FQHC, where I can be of service to my new community. In particular, I am thrilled to become part of Connect Clinic. I am looking forward to working with and learning new skills from my CHCW and CWFMR colleagues.

Theatre, running (with difficulty), fixing up old things