Meet Haneef Mohamed, MD

Family Medicine

Haneef’s History

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Education: Ross University School of Medicine, MD,

Texas A&M University, BSEE

Experience:  Teaching, engineering, software development, volunteering at clinics in rural Texas, rotating in Queens, the Bronx, LA

Hobbies: Playing ping-pong, running, hiking, cooking, tinkering with cars, reading, travelling, learning languages and collecting stories from elders

Why do you want to work for CHCW? The program avails the best opportunity for me to learn full-spectrum family medicine, procedures, and OB/GYN skills, and, function as a kind, caring, and competent family medicine practitioner while serving the underserved population. I am also looking forward to experiencing Yakima’s unique culture and some of the outdoor activities available close by.

I aspire to..
Learn from my peers, support staff, attendings, and patients, to maximize my chances of providing the best care possible.

Kristina Bowen Updated