National Public Health Week April 3-9!

National Public Health Week is an annual event in the United States that takes place during the first full week of April. This week is dedicated to raising awareness about public health and the importance of preventing diseases and injuries in our communities. National Public Health Week provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and government agencies to come together to promote the health and wellbeing of their communities.

Public Health Highlights

National Public Health Week is led by the American Public Health Association (APHA), but many other organizations and individuals around the country also participate. This includes local health departments, schools, universities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and community groups.

Overall, National Public Health Week is an important event that highlights the importance of public health and encourages individuals and communities to take action to improve their health and wellbeing. By promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles, preventing diseases and injuries, and advocating for policies and programs that promote public health, we can help create healthier communities for everyone.

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Promoting Public Health

The goal is  to promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles, prevent diseases and injuries, and improve the overall health of our communities. During the public health week, various activities are organized to promote public health. These may include:


Educational events:

Schools, universities, and community centers may host talks, workshops, or webinars to educate people about various public health issues, such as nutrition, mental health, and infectious diseases.


Advocacy efforts:

Health organizations may use the week to advocate for policies and programs that promote public health, such as smoke-free laws, bike lanes, and healthy food initiatives.


Health screenings:

Many healthcare providers offer free or low-cost health screenings during National Public Health Week, including blood pressure checks, cholesterol screenings, and diabetes screenings.


Community outreach:

Many organizations use National Public Health Week to reach out to underserved communities and provide them with information and resources to help them lead healthier lives.

The future of Public Health

Participants at APHA’s 2022 Annual Meeting and Expo shared their thoughts on what the future of public health should look like.