What our patients are saying – CWFM Yakima

” I like that they take care of us quickly.”

” I like that they take their time and listen to us. They take what we say and stick with it. I have been to so many doctors’ where they do not listen. The doctor’s at CWFM listen to what I have to say and then they figure out what needs to be done. It took me a long time to find a good doctor’s office.”

” I liked the information that Dr. Luk gave me. She knew what she was doing and she took the time to explain everything to me.”

” They are excellent and attended to our needs. I like the common courtesy and that they listen.”

” I like the friendliness of the staff.”

” They were very nice and they took me right in.”

” l like the friendliness and courtesy of the staff and the concern that Dr. Lear had with my medical condition. Overall the appointment was awesome.”

” The receptionists were very polite.”

” I like how Dr. Pinon talked to me like a person and answered any questions I had.”

” I like that Dr. Milambiling explained to us everything that was happening. They did a really good job.”

” I like that Dr. Siddiqui was willing to listen to what I had to say about how I was feeling and to involve me in my care.”

” I like that they were courteous when I talked to them and it makes it fun when you go in and have a good conversation with the doctor’s and the nurses.”

” I think that the time that I saw the doctor was good. I did not have to wait too long.”

” I like the girl at the pharmacy. She was very helpful in helping me fond my cell phone after I had lost it.”

” I like that they are actually pretty fast to see me and not that much of a wait.”



” I like Dr. Pearson.”

” Everybody was very nice, they showed a lot of respect and I liked that.”

” We think Dr. Udell is a good doctor.”

” I like the way Dr. Jones takes care of me. She is really a good doctor.”

” I like the care given to me. Dr. Harvey is very understanding with me and she explains everything to me clearly.”

” I like that they took good care of me and listen to what I had to say.”

” I have been going to this clinic for seven years and they hardly ever leave you waiting a long time as I had been at other clinics.”

” I like that they took care of my son.”

” It was my first visit with Dr. Dunn, he sat down with me and did not make me feel rushed. It was my first visit with Dr. Dunn, he sat down with me and did not make me feel rushed.”

“Dr. Luk took her time to read my history chart and that seemed great now that she is not my regular doctor. This has been my clinic for the past ten years. I truly felt that Dr. Luk cared about my situation and what I was going through.”

“I like the courtesy of the staff. “

“I like how Dr. DeKorte’s listened to my questions and how he replied. He is not my regular I was trying to get an appointment to see my doctor but she only had one day this month.“

“I like that they were able to see me as soon as possible.“

“I like that the appointment went fairly quick.“

“I like that everyone was really friendly and received the treatment as needed.“

“I like that they were prompt and courteous and they know what they are doing.“

“What I liked the most is that Dr. Cook listened carefully to my problems and took good care of me.“

“I like the care given by the nurse and Dr. Verduzco and checked her really well. “

“What I like about this center is that the receptionist treats us well and the nurses are very nice. “

“I like that they took care of me quickly and did not have to wait too long.“

“The staff gave me very good care and they were very nice.“

“I liked my appointment with Dr. Pinon and it was my first time seeing her.“

“What I like the most would be that all my questions were answered by Dr. Harvey and helped me out.”

“I like Dr. Udell she is always awesome and always takes care of what is needed in a timely manner.“

“I liked the kindness of the nurse and Dr. Vigil was very concerned about what I had to say. He stayed in touch with what he was doing.“

“What I like the most was the attention I received. “

“I like how efficient the staff is.“

“I like that they got me in and out really quick. “

“I like the courtesy in which they took care of me. I talked to my cardiologist about this organization and he said to not worry because this center only hires the cream of the crop.”

“I like the front desk staff.”

“I like that the appointment was quick, we were in and out.”

“I like that I was in and out and they told me everything I needed to know.”

“I like that I did not have to wait that long and everybody was respectful.”

“Everybody was really nice. I was able to get in really quick. Usually I have to wait. I would recommend that other people go to this clinic. “

“I was in agreement with what Dr. Roundy’s opinion. “

“Dr. Lear listens to me when I ask him questions. The nurses are very attentive. I am very happy with Dr. Lear. “

“I like Dr. Miller. “

“I like the conversation with Dr. Gould with updates regarding my health. “

“It was an overall good experience, everyone was polite and courteous. “

“We got everything I had to get done in ten minutes. It was an efficient appointment with Dr. Dunn. “

“I like that everything was just great and moved right along, no time was waste. I was very pleased. “

“I liked that the staff was very attentive.“

“I like the fact that Dr. Christensen asked me a lot of questions of my conditions and was very thorough on answering my questions and explaining my condition and my options.“

“I like that Dr. Cook Smith made good eye contact. “

“Dr. Cook Smith had to confer with Dr. Calhoun to confer with her about my problems. She called me at home to do a follow up on my appointment. I like that she sat down and talked to me for a while. “

“I like Dr. Calhoun and her staff. “

“I have been going to this center for years. They kept their appointment on time and it was not wasted time for either me or Dr. Pearson. “

“I like the cleanliness and friendliness of the technicians there. It is a very nice place. I feel as if the receptionists were my relatives. “

“The staff was good.”

“Dr. Rudman was really helpful and listened well.”

“I like that we able to speak the same language and I was able to express myself with Dr. Verduzco.”

“I did like everything about the appointment.”

“I like the girl that took me to the exam room, she was very nice.”

“I like the care given by Dr. Maier.”

“I like that the staff is very attentive and they take good care of us, everything was very good. I did not wait long sitting and waiting to be called which is excellent.”

“I like that they do not take a long time to see us.”

“I like that they saw me quickly.”

“Last time we were there, we saw Dr. Hirtle and the wait time to see him was very long so we left. Dr. Nery was very thorough and went through everything and was correct and that everything my husband was going through would be taken care of.”

“The staff was friendly and the service was quick. I liked that there is a behavioral health doctor there.”

“I think that speaking with Dr. Siddiqui is what I liked the most about my appointment.”

“I like the courtesy and how everybody got me right in when I needed to be seen.”

“The receptionist area has improved one hundred percent and the nurses have also improved.”

“I like the nurse’s attention and Dr. Rudman was really good too. They asked me a lot of questions about my daughter. They interacted well with my daughter and played with her to make her feel comfortable.”

“Dr. Edwards actually worked with me and he is the one I have had the best results from.”

“I like the doctor’s excellent knowledge.”

“Dr. Farwaha seemed efficient.”

“I like that they gave us excellent service and everything I needed.”

“I did not see Dr. Lemp. My daughter saw a male doctor. I like how the doctor explained what to expect at my daughter’s age.”

“The staff is good and fast and they helped me with what I needed.”

“Dr. Lilya took the time that I needed to ask questions and for him to reply. That is a big thing with everyone. Today I talked to his nurse and she takes no time to get back to me. I thanked her for calling me back and for the care she gives me.”

“I like the air conditioning. I was really surprised that each time, I barely sit down and they call me right in. That was very nice.”

“I like their service.”

“I was very impressed with Msutta. I have had issues with my legs since 2006; I have been going there for a year. No other doctor and done anything like my doctor. He already has me seeing a specialist for my legs.”

“This is the first time that Dr. Lovingood saw me and I thought she did really well. I like Dr Sonya and her staff they are all good.”

“I like the nurses at the center.”

“Dr. Ellwood was very thorough. I was not feeling well and was pleased that I did not have to wait a long time. When the doctor finished with me she consulted with a supervisor and I felt they were both very thorough.”

“Dr. Pearson takes his time with his patients. He does not rush the appointment.”

“I get really good care from Dr. Beachy at this center.”

“They were very friendly and nice and the staff was great.”

“I like the reception people, they listen to me and they are very quick and thorough with their work. I only see two people there but they help me around their schedule and that helps me a lot. We have stuck to the two doctors’ that we like and the reception people help us to see them.”

“I like that Dr. Moran told me that if the therapy did not work, they would refer me to a specialist.”


“I like that I did not wait a long time to be called.”

“I like the care given at the center. The receptionist treated us very friendly. The doctor saw me almost immediately.”

“The visit was fast and the staff was friendly.”

“I like Dr. Moran.”

“We were assigned to Dr. Edwards and my son bonded well with him. My son did not cry or anything and I was very surprised.”

“I like Dr. Edwards.”

“I like that they were able to schedule me an appointment faster

“The staff is very fast and very efficient.”

“I like Dr. Pontarolo’s communication with me.”

“I like the time that Dr. Siddiqui actually referred me to get the testing that I have needed for a long time. He started looking for stuff that the specialist might have missed and I thought that was nice.”

“Dr. Pearson is a good doctor.”

“I like the promptness in which they got me in. Dr. Helder spent as much time as needed and was not trying to rush me out of there.”

“I like Dr. Verduzco and her nurses’ professionalism.”