What our patients are saying – Yakima Pediatrics

” They gave me the option of nasal vs shot for my daughter’s flu shot.”

” I like the way Dr. Carlson is with the children.”

” I like that they were fast and they knew what they were doing.”

” I like that the wait time to see the doctor was not too long compared to other clinics. Dr. Bartlett was very friendly and seemed to care for my baby.”

” I like the staff how they greet people. The facility is very clean and the service is very fast.”

” I like that they are all very kind and welcoming.”

” I liked the follow up care that Dr. Crook provided. He called us a few times to check up on my son.”

” Overall, I like their entire service from the reception area to the discharge area.”

” Dr. Sadler is awesome.”

” Dr. Carlson was awesome.”

” The wait time was better on this appointment.”

” I like that they get me in and out.”

” Dr. Stepniewski was very friendly.”

” I like that I have been going there for a while and know the people. I feel comfortable there.”

”I like how friendly the staff and doctor are.”

” What I liked was that I had some concerns regarding my son’s growth, and the PA took the time to re-measure him and explain the difference between the first and second measure. He said he would follow up with his colleagues and see if my son needed additional tests and told me he would call me back. He called me the following day and I liked the fact that he did follow up.”

” They are getting better to get us in faster.”

” Dr. Stepniewski was great.”

” I like how everybody is friendly and actually connect to the children.”

” I liked that they helped us quickly.”

” Dr. Bartlett is awesome with all of my children. They are all good with children. I like Dr. Bartlett’s concern with my daughter, doing what he can to make it better. He is a good pediatrician.”

” I love Dr. Bartlett in general, he is a very good doctor.”

”I like that the nursing staff was very nice and helpful. Dr. Carlson made me feel that my questions mattered.”

” I like the friendly staff and how they are always there to help out and give us the information needed.”

” We both really like the doctor. He is very courteous and respectful towards us.”

” Dr. Schaffrina usually entertains my daughter while he conducts the exam. He did a good job.”

” I like the promptness and how fast I was able to get in and out.  I did not have to wait.”

“I like that Dr. Carlson treats the children with a lot of tenderness and patience.”

“I like the service given to me and that they did not make us wait long as they do in other places.”

“I really like Dr. Sadler, she is very nice and very easy to talk to, and you can tell that she really cares about her job.”

“Dr. Gilgen and the nurses were very nice.”

“I like that they are always very friendly and they always answer all my questions.”

“I like the attention that Dr. Schaffrina gave me personally and went out of his way to give me extra information. It was a really good visit.”

“I like that the visit was thorough.”

“I like the Dr. Lancaster a lot.”

“Dr. Sadler is extremely personable and knows my daughter’s history. I have never had any bad experience with her.”

“Dr. Stepniewski was very helpful. She followed up with a phone call and showed that she was very worried about my son’s weight. That was really nice of her.”

“The appointment was very efficient.”

“I like that Dr. Gilgen explained everything thoroughly and made my son feel very comfortable with him.”

“Dr Simms really takes the time to talk to you and explain things to you.”

“I like the staff and everybody there; they are all very courteous and nice. This is a pleasant place to take children.”

“I like that Dr. Sadler and TINA (care coordinator) spend a lot of time with my daughter.”

“I called the nurse and they gave me an appointment to see the doctor the same day.”

“Everybody is really friendly.”

“They are super friendly and Dr. Carlson listens to everything I have to say and answers all me questions and want the best for my son.”

“Dr. Crook was very nice to my son and answered any questions or concerns I had. My son had an ear ache and they comforted me and told me he was going to be fine.”

“I like the prompt service. The staff was good and showed that they were interested in the children. I like the service given to us.”

“Dr. Schaffrina was kind, patient and took time to listen.”

“I like how quick they were to get us in to see the doctor.”

“I like that they were quick and efficient; they were all great.”

“I like that they have doctors, advisers and nurses: there is a team under one roof.”