Internship Application Process

Our Predoctoral Clinical Psychology Internship recruits a diverse group of interns every year. CHCW requires that the AAPI Online application service must be used by all applicants in order to be considered for our internship training program.

Intern Capacity and Start Date

We have three full-time internship positions at CHCW in the coming year. Interns will start full-time work on June 23rd, 2025.

Application Deadline: November 23rd, 2024

CHCW Match Number: 204412

Applicant Requirements

All intern applicants will be considered for placement, though receipt of a Master’s degree is required at this site (rather than education-equivalent). Licensed or license-eligible applicants are preferred. Candidates are expected to have skill sets commensurate with applicants at the pre-internship level. A successful candidate will be one who is interested in working in a challenging and innovative setting of primary care. While not required, applicants that have past experience working in integrated care teams, primary care or other medical centers, and rural and underserved areas are preferred. While not required, preferred applicants would have a behaviorism background and experience in providing brief interventions for a variety of concerns. Candidates should also be willing and able to work successfully on an integrated care team, be self-motivated and high energy to meet the demands of primary care. They are expected to be dependable, prepared, curious, non-defensive, and open to constructive feedback.

Application Process

CHCW requires that the AAPI Online application service must be used by all applicants in order to be considered for our internship training program. Prospective psychology interns apply to individual sites within the Cascades Region, not to the Cascades Region as a whole.

Link to APPIC page. Please note, when searching for CHCW in the APPIC Directory, please search for “National Psychology Training Consortium” and select “Cascades Region.”

The following information is required in all NPTC-Cascade Region applications:

  • Cover letter specifying interest in primary care behavioral health and relevant experiences related to integrated care
  • APPIC AAPI as designated on the online application,
  • Three letters of reference

Applicant Eligibility

Eligible applications are reviewed and ranked by a combination of CHCW staff and supervisors. A select group of applicants are invited for virtual interviews. Notification of invitation to interview is made by December 1st. There will be three interview dates for CHCW; Tuesday, January 21st 2025; Friday, January 24th, 2025; and Monday, January 27th Internship applicants will be informed of their selection through the APPIC notification process contracted through the National Match Service.

This internship site agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any Psychology Intern applicant.

    For more information or questions regarding the application process, please contact David Bauman (