Raymond C. Rust Jr. (Ray), DMD

Doctor of Dental Medicine at Ellensburg Dental

Ray’s History

Marcus Jackson DMD


“Right out of High School I attended Central Washington University in Ellensburg. I earned degrees in Biology and Spanish. After working for a few years, I decided to pursue a career in dentistry, graduating from UNLV School of Dental Medicine in 2013.”

Why do you want to work for CHCW?
“I realize that not everyone gets the opportunities that I have been fortunate to have. CHCW makes it clear that they understand this and makes it their mission to serve those who have not had these opportunities.”

I aspire to:

“Be known as the dentist who teaches people about the importance of self-care. Also, when I retire, I hope to be re-membered as the down to earth small town dentist who cares for anybody re-gardless of who they were or how much money they had.”

Personal Interest/Hobbies:

“I love the outdoors, hiking, camping and skiing are my favor-ites. Most recently I returned to playing tennis after not play-ing since high school (about 25 years).”

Marcus Jackson DMD