Meet Shayla Moniz, MA

PCBH Intern

Shayla’s History

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I am currently finishing my Psy.D. in clinical psychology from Appalachian State University, which is where I also earned my B.S. in psychology. Part of my education at Appalachian has been researching suicidality in the intersections of marginalized racial groups, rural residency, and contact with the criminal justice system. Additional research and projects have explored preventing suicide deaths by providing accessible firearm storage options in the community.


My previous clinical placements have centered on or allowed for the providing services to marginalized groups, or those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access services. I have provided free therapy services to children and teens at their school in a rural and low income county, and provided consultation services to the teachers at those schools. I have provided income-based sliding scale fee assessment and therapy services to another rural and low-income community, facilitating their access to additional services as needed. My most recent experience has been working in a community mental health facility where I provide free comprehensive services across the life-span, as well as provide individual and group therapy to sex-offenders.


There are several hobbies that I greatly enjoy! Reading has been a life long love, and my go-to genre is fantasy. Knitting and sewing are my avenue for creativity while camping and hiking satisfy my desire to explore and move around.

Why do you want to work for CHCW? :

CHCW’s values of providing quality care to marginalized and underserved communites, and providing whole-person care are ones that I share and intend to be guiding forces in my clinical work. Additionally, the training and experience I will receive at CHCW in providing integrated care and responding to the needs of the community to improve access to care is unparalled. My time at CHCW will shape my career in ways that are yet unforseen, and I am excited for it.

I aspire to..

Be a reliable resource for my community, to be someone who uplifts and promotes change to improve the quality of life of those around me.

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