Tips on Transitioning to Our New Normal


Now that we are creating new routines and getting back to spending time together, we want to make sure:


Consistent Routines

Having consistent routines while you’re at home is very important, such as eating meals at regular times, and consistent bed times.

Limiting Screen Time

Screens can be great but it is important that we take frequent breaks and have limits to how much time we’re on them and the content we watch. Consider trying some of the activities from our social distancing list.


Eating Right

What we eat impacts our mood and energy so eating a variety of foods is important. This summer why not try some new recipes, a new vegetable, or some fruit.


Sleep Well

Sleep is super important so make sure the whole family gets a good night sleep. Creating a fun and relaxing bedtime routine can help.



Moving our body is important for everyone. Try doing a new activity together as a family! Here are some tips on how to encourage your child(ren) to be physically active.