By Eugene Buenaventura. Published Thursday, March 28th, 2013

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For the past week, Alexa Celerian and a group of students from the University of Washington have spent their spring break at the Community Health of Central Washington, shadowing doctors.

Celerian is a native of Yakima, and a 2009 Davis High School graduate.

She says her choice to pursue a career in healthcare stemmed from her mother, who’s a doctor, and growing up with the people in the Yakima Valley.

“A lot of them are not very aware of some of the resources they have in the community,” said Celerian, “That really got me interested in learning more about what’s available so that I can share it with them.”

The program is a week-long mini-internship held every Spring.

About six students are selected from a pool of applicants — they then spend their spring break in Yakima.

The clinic says it’s offered the program here for the past ten years.

One of their main reasons for starting it was to help expose students, especially those from larger communities, to the way healthcare works in smaller towns like Yakima.

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