WIC is excited to announce we have added new items to our food packages!

All new changes are included in our updated (green colored) WIC shopping guides. Pick up a new WIC shopping guide anytime at the WIC office or at your next WIC appointment. Grocery store checkout lanes should also have copies of our updated shopping guide.

Infant Baby Foods:  WIC now offers Earth’s Best Organic and Beech-Nut Naturals.

Cereal:  8 new cold breakfast cereals and 4 new hot cereals are offered.

Juice:  New frozen mixed fruit juice blends and more flavors in 46 oz containers of vegetable juices for women.  Cans of 46 oz fruit juice have been removed from women’s food packages.

Now more options of 64 oz mixed fruit juice blends for kids.

Cheese:  Colby Monterey Jack is now available!

Whole Grains: More variety and options! Instant brown rice, more brands of whole wheat pasta and whole wheat hamburger and hot dogs buns.

Tofu: Now offering Silken and Sprouted Super Firm Tofu by NaSoya Organic Tofu.

Questions? Call us, we’d love to hear from you!

(509) 962-7077