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Dr. Simms Take on Telehealth – Q&A

What do you like about doing telehealth visits?

It is good to see children in their home where they are comfortable. Most of what we need to know is based on history, so the physical exam adds very little to most visits. And we can observe the child’s behavior, activity, skin and many other things easily.

Why do you want to see your patients via telehealth?

For now, it keeps with the philosophy of social distance. It saves on gas, travel time for families, getting a babysitter for the other children…and delayed dinner and homework.

How does telehealth help you (as a provider)?

Frankly, I want to minimize my exposure to potential illness. Also it is new and fun to explore. I am learning a lot and families seem happy with the service.

How does telehealth help the patient and family?

The children are more comfortable at home with parents, they don’t have to wait for me, and if I were to get behind or have to reschedule, they can read a story or make dinner.