Meet Our Team

We’re proud to service the Yakima Valley with quality healthcare for your family. Our caring and compassionate healthcare team are experts in their fields and dedicated to the health and wellness of our patients and their families

Integrated Pediatric Care

At Yakima Pediatrics, we are dedicated to providing a whole-health solution to your healthcare needs, our facility provides integrated care, which includes clinical pharmacists, behavioral health consultants, and registered dietitians. Our goal is to address the physical health needs as well as mental health concerns for you and your entire family in a comfortable and caring environment.

Medical Providers (Our Pediatricians)

peter asante - yakima pediatrician

Peter Asante, MD


I am passionate about forming partnerships with youth and families that improve health and well-being, both inside and outside of the doctor’s office. As a child health advocate, I believe that through supportive relationships, we can make the world a better place for children.

jeff bartlett - yakima pediatrician

Jeff Bartlett, MD


Proudly serving with CHCW since August 08, 1985

david carlson - yakima pediatrician

David Carlson, DO


Proudly serving with CHCW since August 03, 2009. Special medical interests in developmental pediatrics, and infectious diseases

MEGHAN COLLERAN - yakima pediatrician


Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Every child deserves equal access to high-quality, holistic care. Treating a child should involve family-centered, yet individualized care that is evidence-based and culturally sensitive.

Michael Crook - yakima pediatrician

Michael Crook, MD


Proudly serving with CHCW since September 10, 2001. I strive to provided a medical home for families within our group practice.

david carlson - yakima pediatrician

Samantha Garlow, ARNP

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner – Coming Soon

My philosophy of care involves an individualized approach towards your health and healthcare decisions wherein all areas of a person’s self are addressed to provide opportunity for the best possible outcomes.

ginny shelton headshot

Cassidy McCarns, ARNP

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner 

I aspire to learn from and collaborate with the wonderful team at Yakima Pediatrics in the pursuit of providing the most comprehensive, culturally sensitive, and inclusive care.

ginny shelton headshot

Ginny Shelton, MD


I want all my patients and their families to feel supported and understood. I believe that healthcare involves caring for a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I feel compelled to advocate for my patients’ needs both inside and outside of the office.

roy simms - yakima pediatrician

Roy Simms, MD


Proudly serving with CHCW since September 01, 1980. I focus on the child as my patient. I try to advocate for their nurture, good health and promotion of wellness.

anna snyder - yakima pediatrician

Anna Snyder, MD


I love partnering with families and youth closely to develop strategies and skills for long-term health. My role is to share my knowledge and work with children, teens, and families to find the best path to health for them.

Nikki Vernelli ARNP

Nikki (Nicole) Virnelli, ARNP

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

I aspire to build meaningful and lasting relation-ships with my patients, their families, and the greater community of Yakima Valley.

Behavioral Health Providers – Pediatrics

dr peter asante

Julie Aubrey, MA, LMHC

Behavioral Health Consultant – Pediatrics

I want to work for CHCW because I love the philosophy of the clinic. I am excited to be part of a team, which is essential when working with patients. I want to help as many clients as I can, and to make sure that they each feel heard and understood.

dr peter asante


Behavioral Health Consultant – Pediatrics

Emphasis on pediatric, neurodevelopmental, and child clinical assessment, intervention, and multidisciplinary/ interprofessional consultation, but have also worked in general clinical, research, and government settings in various capacities serving parents, families, students, educators, adults with developmental disabilities, physicians/ medical providers.



Behavioral Health Consultant – Pediatrics

My philosophy is to support people in all aspects of their health from the physical to the social, emotional, and spiritual. I believe we have to look at the person as a whole and create as space of inclusivity, respect, compassion, and support to really be able to make lasting change.

dr peter asante

Gracie Ortiz, MSW

Behavioral Health Consultant

I have primarily worked with women and children, survivors of domestic violence, worked with teenagers and adults in crisis. I mainly use Cognitive behavioral therapy to help patients achieve their goals.

Amelia McClelland

Sarah Ortner, MA, LMFT

Behavioral Health Consultant

I believe that all people desire lives where they are connected to who and what is meaningful to them, and I believe all people bring strength and gifts to the work of creating healthier lives. I try to bring empathetic listening and honesty and a willingness to work together with people in my care to come up with new and meaningful choices and next steps.

Clinic Leadership/Admin

rishi mistry - yakima pediatrics - leadership

Rishi Mistry, ARNP

Clinical Site Director

All children should have equal access to the highest quality care available. I believe in providing evidence-based, sustainable, and culturally-sensitive care to children and their families.