Silver Team Providers

dr peter asante

Ragina Lancaster, DO

Silver Team, Pink Team

I strongly believe in a patient-centered approach to care that recognizes that health is multi-faceted. My special medical interests include preventative care, nutrition, education, integrative use of point-of-care ultrasound, and geriatrics.

dr peter asante

Julie Aubrey, MA, LMHC

Behavioral Health Consultant – Silver Team

I want to work for CHCW because I love the philosophy of the clinic. I am excited to be part of a team, which is essential when working with patients. I want to help as many clients as I can, and to make sure that they each feel heard and understood.

Nadia Azhar family medicine


Family Medicine – Silver Team

I hope to partner with each of my patients and empower them with education and guidance to achieve their personal healthcare goals. I enjoy having the privilege of caring for patients and their families as they enter various stages of life.

Eve Barker Family Medicine

Eve Barker, MD

Family Medicine – Silver Team, Pink Team

My goal is to provide culturally informed, compassionate care using evidence based medicine. I recognize that many facets contribute to health and I strive to provide information and guidance to empower patients to make their own healthcare decisions.

elizabeth boggio family medicine

Elizabeth Boggio, MD

Family Medicine – Silver Team

I believe in a holistic approach to patient care, and to practice medicine that is patient centered. My goal is to build a relationship of trust with my patients by educating patients to make the best decisions for their care while respecting their autonomy.

jessica coleman family medicine


Family Medicine – Silver Team

Initially, I chose Yakima for my medical studies because it was close to home (Portland) and a beautiful area. I have been fortunate over these past four years to get to learn about and be involved in this beautiful community

lawrence hu family medicine

Lawrence W. Hu, DO

Family Medicine – Silver Team

Patient care is more than just physicians providing necessary medical care for patients. As a healthcare provider, I constantly remind myself that it is my privilege and honor to get to know each one of my patients and their life stories.

John Jamora Family Medicine

John Jamora, DO

Family Medicine – Silver Team

My goal as a physician is to empower my patients to take control of their health and partner with them to attain health goals. I will approach the physician/patient relationship with compassion and understanding and strive to cultivate long-term meaningful relationships.

carlin miller Family Medicine

Carlin Miller, DO

Family Medicine – Silver Team, Pink Team

I believe that one of the most important factors in medicine is being willing to listen. Many times answers to my questions come automatically if I just sit and let my patients talk. Understanding what constitutes my patients lives, their values, and concerns allows me to customized their care in ways I can be confident will work for them.

aaron nott

Aaron Nott, DO

Family Medicine – Silver Team

The ability to deliver family medicine facilitates the ability to provide lifelong care, from birth to death. I value developing a friendship with my patients during visits to ultimately lend a hand in guiding my patients to the quality medical care they wish to receive.

Mary Virginia Maxwell

Shanice Santa Olivo, MS

Behavioral Health Intern – Silver Team

I am excited to help with patient center care, promoting accessibility to care, and integrated health care!

Amelia McClelland

Sarah Ortner, MA, LMFT, MHP

Behavioral Health Consultant – Silver Team

I believe that all people desire lives where they are connected to who and what is meaningful to them, and I believe all people bring strength and gifts to the work of creating healthier lives. I try to bring empathetic listening and honesty.

stephen pearson family medicine

Stephen Pearson, MD

Pediatrics – Silver Team

As being part of the AAP I have been able to influence policy for the benefit of children. As part of PROS I have participated in studies where the results have ultimately changed policy and practice for the benefit of children.

dr peter asante

Brooke Steadman, DO

Family Medicine – Silver Team, Pink Team

I love that family medicine provides the ability to have continuity of care with patients. This continuity allows for relationships to be built and for a partnership to develop.

Madison Verrall - Advanced Practice Clinician

Madison Verrall, APC

Advanced Practice Clinician – Silver Team

I aspire to learn something from every patient I see, and help individuals to understand and achieve their own goals in terms of health. I am so excited about working in a patient centered organization that helps patients to prioritize all aspects of health.

jerry wang - family medicine


Family Medicine – Silver Team

My years of medical training, working as a teacher for special needs children and volunteering at a hospice center have guided my patient care philosophy.