Pink (Obstetrics) Team Providers

We specialize in obstetrics and gynecology which includes the examination, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of all aspects of women’s health.

Eve Barker Family Medicine

Eve Barker, MD

Family Medicine – Pink Team, Silver Team

My goal is to provide culturally informed, compassionate care using evidence based medicine. I recognize that many facets contribute to health and I strive to provide information and guidance to empower patients to make their own healthcare decisions.

Sarah Cook Family Medicine


Family Medicine – Pink Team, Red Team

I believe thoughtful, thorough healthcare is a commodity that should be attainable to everyone. I hope my patients will see me as a caring physician who hears their concerns and advocates for, and with, them.

portia jones family medicine

Portia Jones, MD, MPH

Family Medicine – Pink Team, Blue Team

I work towards a collaborative, patient-centered care model with my patients, involving the patient in decisions about their health and care. I enjoy taking care of all the members of the family and multiple generations of the same family.

Sheila Kredit Family Medicine

Sheila Kredit, MD

Family Medicine – Pink Team, Purple Team

I aspire to bring hope and trust to those around me, and End each day feeling that I did the best by my patients, colleagues, family, and self that I could. I aspire to improve breastfeeding support, the response to the changing environment, and medical education.

carlin miller Family Medicine

Carlin Miller, DO

Family Medicine – Pink Team, Silver Team 

I believe that one of the most important factors in medicine is being willing to listen. Many times answers to my questions come automatically if I just sit and let my patients talk. Understanding what constitutes my patients lives, their values, and concerns allows me to customized their care in ways I can be confident will work for them.

joel pearson family medicine

Joel Pearson, MD, MPH

Family Medicine – Pink Team, Blue Team

I share CHCW’s mission of service and education. My special medical interests include full-scope family medicine including inpatient and obstetrics, public health, serving the underserved.

joel pearson family medicine


Family Medicine –  Pink Team, Silver Team

I love that family medicine provides the ability to have continuity of care with patients. This continuity allows for relationships to be built and for a partnership to develop.

julia robertson - faculty

Julia Robertson, MD

Family Medicine – Pink Team, Blue Team

I have served the Yakima community as a family physician for twenty-seven years. I aspire to continue to serve my patients and the people of Yakima and serve as an advocate and role model for young physicians.

Gillian Zuckerman - Family Medicine

Gillian Zuckerman, MD

Family Medicine – Pink Team, Red Team

I aspire to find, foster, and propagate the humanity of medicine. I am excited to be returning to an FQHC, where I can be of service to my new community. In particular, I am thrilled to become part of Connect Clinic.