Purple Team Providers

dr peter asante

Caitlin Hill, MD

Interim Program Director – Purple Team, Pink Team

I aspire to help empower each of my patients to take control of her/his health through actively partnering with them to make the best health care decisions for them and their family, and by becoming an active member in the Yakima community.

Maria Verduzco

Maria Verduzco, MD

Family Medicine – Purple Team, Pink Team

My philosophy of care is bridging the gap between underserved monolingual Spanish patients and their providers to ultimately lead to healthier families. My special medical interests include women’s health and pediatrics.

dr peter asante

Bridget Beachy, PsyD

Director of Primary Care Behavioral Health – Purple Team

Coming from a Bio-Psycho-Social perspective (using the most up-to-date science), I help patients adopt new strategies to improve their overall health and live life in a meaningful way. I enjoy the fast-paced, team oriented atmosphere being in primary care, as well as the increased access for patients.

Casey Celerian Family Medicine

Sara Cate, MD, MPH

Family Medicine – Purple Team

I believe in patient centered, compassionate care based on best practices and grounded in sound science. I am passionate about providing care to those who because of economic or other barriers are less able to access medical care..

Madison Verrall - Advanced Practice Clinician

Andrés Calvillo, MD

Family Medicine- Purple Team

I strive to care for my patients as I would want someone to care for my dearest loved ones in their most vulnerable moments.

Catherine Choi family medicine

Catherine Choi, DO

Family Medicine – Purple Team

I was drawn to medicine because of the ability to empower others. I hope every patient I encounter feels listened to and cared for. My special medical interests are in women’s health, diabetes education, and osteopathic manipulative medicine.

Madison Verrall - Advanced Practice Clinician

Daniel Cox, ARNP

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Purple Team

I like the mission, have a strong connection to the patient community…

Madison Verrall - Advanced Practice Clinician

Jessica Bruner, DO

Family Medicine – Purple Team

 I believe as a primary care Doctor; we should try our best at preventing ailments before they happen and treat the body as a whole.

Jake Covington Family Medicine

Gray Dawson, MD

Family Medicine – Purple Team

Work as a team to make great things happen for the residency, this great organization, and the patients we have the honor to care for.

Christina Eglin Family Medicine

Christina Eglin, MD

Family Medicine – Purple Team

I believe quality family medicine is rooted in understanding what makes a patient unique. With each patient I hope to help with health goal setting, provide evidence based medical knowledge and be a partner in their medical journey.

Madison Verrall - Advanced Practice Clinician


PCBH Intern – Purple Team

I aspire to help people with chronic medical conditions increase their autonomy and ability to manage their conditions and live a value-congruent life despite their potential restrictions or pain.

louise achey pharmacology

Nicholas Giruzzi, PharmD

Pharmacology – Purple Team

“I aspire to provide exceptional patient care to all populations, while continuing to learn and grow with the future generations of providers”

Kari Hoover - Physician Assistant

Sabina Hochroth, DO

Family Medicine – Purple Team

I am committed to providing compassionate, equitable care to all my patients. The doctor-patient relationship is a partnership, and I strive to build trust and understanding with my patients. I am also committed to lifelong learning and staying up to date on the latest medical advances…

Sheila Kredit Family Medicine

Sheila Kredit, MD

Family Medicine – Purple Team, Pink Team

I aspire to bring hope and trust to those around me, and End each day feeling that I did the best by my patients, colleagues, family, and self that I could. I aspire to improve breastfeeding support, the response to the changing environment, and medical education.

dr peter asante

Ruth Olmer, PsyD

Behavioral Health Consultant –  Temporarily on military leave – Purple Team

I enjoy the fast pace and variety of the work in primary care. I have my regular clinic duties, which are varied in terms of presenting problem, population, individual, group, testing, etc. Then there are the extras that I can tailor to my interests, such as supervising interns, developing employee wellness events, etc.

Josh Parmenter Family Medicine

Josh Parmenter, DO

Family Medicine – Purple Team

The greatest reason I wanted to become a physician was, so I could care for people starting with before they were born until their golden years. Having a family of my own, I truly believe that wellness and health starts in those younger years and is carried through the generations.

Madison Verrall - Advanced Practice Clinician

Zachary Parker, DO

Family Medicine- Purple Team

I was born and raised here, so it wasn’t long before I became acquainted with our community’s medical needs.