Blue Team Providers

Casey Celerian Family Medicine

Roxana Abid, M.B.B.S

Family Medicine – Blue Team

As someone who is very passionate about womens health, I am excited to come to work at a place that offers an extensive obstetrics department.

dr peter asante

David Bauman, PsyD

PCBH Education DirectorBlue Team

Health is not an absence of symptoms but an engagement in a meaningful, fulfilling life. I am drawn to primary care in order to meet people where they are, and provide behavioral health services to patients that would never seek care in a traditional setting.

Casey Celerian Family Medicine

Mayra Correa Barada, PsyD

Behavioral Health ConsultantBlue Team

I am passionate about delivering patient centered care to underserved communities.

Casey Celerian Family Medicine

Allison Breda, DO

Family Medicine – Blue Team

I aspire to always remember the patient as a whole – especially when it comes to human behavior, the importance of motivation and cooperation, and the interconnectedness of mental and physical health.

Kari Hoover - Physician Assistant

Kari Hoover, PA-C

Physician Assistant – Blue Team

I aspire to continuously improve my knowledge and skills in order to provide the best possible quality of care to my patients.

portia jones family medicine

Portia Jones, MD, MPH

Family Medicine – Blue Team, Pink Team

I work towards a collaborative, patient-centered care model with my patients, involving the patient in decisions about their health and care. I enjoy taking care of all the members of the family and multiple generations of the same family.

Gillian Zuckerman - Family Medicine

Saeid Jahesh, MD

Family Medicine – Blue Team

Establishing long-lasting relationships with my patients and taking a holistic approach towards their care has been the cornerstone of my practice..

Gillian Zuckerman - Family Medicine

Martine Leclerc, MA

PCBH Fellow- Blue Team

 I’ve worked in several training family medicine clinics as a psychology practicum student helping patients achieve their health goals.

onel martinez Family Medicine

Melissa McCoy, MD

Family Medicine – Blue Team

I’m in the Ellensburg rural program. I fell in love with the mountains here and wanted to have an escape on my days off to hike and enjoy nature.strong OB…

michael murray headshot

Michael Murray, PsyD, LMFT

Behavioral Health – Connect – Blue Team

My philosophy of care is that the integration model just makes sense. Whole-person treatment is the only logical way to support a healthy life style. I enjoy the collaborative nature of the work and my coworkers are simply awesome.

Brent Wilkinson - Family Medicine

Daniel Oliveira, MD

Family Medicine – Blue Team

I aim to be a physician who is not only driven to find answers, but also has the professional humility to sit down and truly understand each patient’s problem.

joel pearson family medicine

Joel Pearson, MD, MPH

Family Medicine – Blue Team, Pink Team

I share CHCW’s mission of service and education. My special medical interests include full-scope family medicine including inpatient and obstetrics, public health, serving the underserved.

julia robertson - faculty

Julia Robertson, MD

Family Medicine – Blue Team, Pink Team

I have served the Yakima community as a family physician for twenty-seven years. I aspire to continue to serve my patients and the people of Yakima and serve as an advocate and role model for young physicians.

Courtney Shockley pediatrician

Courtney Shockley, MD

Pediatrics – Blue Team

I love to work with families as a whole, that means integrating behavioral health and social assistance with traditional medicine. I also love to teach! I aspire to improve the health and wellbeing of kids and teens and to empower them to pursue their dreams.

Gillian Zuckerman - Family Medicine

Prabhjot Singh, MD

Family Medicine – Blue Team

I chose CHCW because I sensed a culture of kindness, teamwork, and connectedness among the residents, faculty, and staff.

Gillian Zuckerman - Family Medicine

Emma Walker, MA

PCBH Intern Blue Team

I want to serve as a provider for underserved, minoritized populations in rural areas and provide the best care possible for the community. 

Gillian Zuckerman - Family Medicine

Ningyi Zheng, DO

Family Medicine – Blue Team

In my mind, taking care of a patient involves getting to know someone deeper and building enough trust in order to start peeling back the ‘layers of the onion.’ In other words, I enjoy understanding where a patient is coming from.