Training Videos for Interns

Below you will find videos to guide you through the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) Model.

What Our Internship is Like

View this short video to hear from our Behavioral Health Education Director, David Bauman, PsyD., as he provides a summary of the goals for the internship program!

What Medical Providers Enjoy About PCBH

Listen to medical providers, residents, and more speak to why they enjoy having BHCs, part of PCBH model, in their clinics.

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Suggestions and Tips for new BHCs

Medical personnel suggestions/tips for new BHCs working in a PCBH Model

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PCBH Corner

Our Behavioral Health Education Director David Bauman produces these videos in collaboration with the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association, a member-based non-profit whose aim is to make integrated care the standard of care. For more see: &

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PCBH Corner: Dr. Houston Provides Advice for Students Interested in PCBH

CFHA’s Chief Executive Officer Neftali identifies challenges for PCBH, as well as discusses the future of IBH

Dr. Beachy sits down with Primary Care Behavioral Health and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy pioneer, Dr. Patti Robinson, in this latest PCBH Corner.

Advocating for more BHCs

Drs. Beachy and Bauman sit down to discuss the importance of the PCBH lexicon and how it differs from traditional mental health settings.

A Day In The Life of a Behavioral Health Consultant

Join Dr. David Bauman as he goes through a day in the life of a BHC working in Primary Care Behavioral Health.

Our Videos for Patients

We have created tons of videos for our patients. We invite you to take a look through them!